Services Offered
The services I am willing to provide are on an “as is” basis to members of our hobby. I have tried to make most of the services on this page self sufficient, to allow me more time to do concentrate other things. A great many people can take advantage of my service if they choose to, but please consider the following when using the Ariel Archives:

The Ariel Archives is not professionally run. It is governed by my own inclinations and interest to continue it as a part of my hobby. I always enjoy assisting people in locating material but this has to be “within reason” – I can not stress this enough. My resources and time are not limitless so please appreciate “within reason” means exactly that and subject to my own considerations of what that means.
Maintaining the Archives is not a full time obsession of mine, and does not provide for my gainful employment. The Archives receives no external funding other than my own. I personally incur all costs related to it, and at present happily do so. The Archives is not a physical place like a lending Library. I do not maintain regular hours, nor provide browsing services. Contact me and request material and I will make ever endeavor to assist you if I can.
Even if I have a copy of something I might not be able to duplicate it for you. I will be adhering to copyright law to the letter and will NOT violate it because of casual or informal agreements and so on. If you want something from me I will have to get permission to duplicate the work and so on. I am aware also that certain academic loop holes exist, but I would rather be morally correct, and have approval to re-distribute someone’s creative work than not. This may cause some delays but that’s the situation.
I hope I can be of service to you, and also hope you can assist me in locating material which I need to complete some collections in future.

Copies of Items
So you have had a look at what is in the Archive and you would like to get copies of some of the material eh? So how do you get copies of these items I hear you ask…. All is revealed on the How to get copies page, but in short all you have to do is send me an email and ask me very nicely;) However (there is also a however isn’t there).. there will be a limit on the amount of material that any one person may ask for. The main purpose of the Ariel Archives is to preserve roleplaying items, especially Australian roleplaying items. The more people that help me in this endeavor, the more items I should be able to preserve and distribute. I will hopefully be able to persuade people to trade, sell or otherwise “donate” copies of items and make them available for distribution. If people help me in gain material for the Archives, then the more willing and generous I will be to those people that help me achieve these goals.
I will “within reason” incur any costs myself in duplicating and mailing material to a person or club who requests it, although, if you would like to contribute to the copying and postage costs please feel free to do so;) I will NOT duplicate material where an author has expressed that his works to be restricted, ie those with an availability of No. I will ALWAYS seek permission from EVERY Author, to grant the Archives the right to distribute material prior to ANY duplication of their work for re-distribution. There will also be a limited number of items, including modules, that may also be downloaded for free by anyone from the Download page. All items from the Download page are in a zipped PDF format, as I believe that this offers the best protection to Authors for their work. Please see the Download page for more on PDF format.

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