Ariel Archives Collection

This page lists the item that make up the Ariel Archives collection. The Archives consists of copies of the modules, freeforms, convention entry forms, club newsletters and other miscellaneous items.

Also please look at how to Add Items page on how to add items to the Ariel Archives Collection, and the Items Wanted page to see a list of particular items I’m after.

You may see that all of the items in the collection have been classified with certain availability classes.

Availability Description
Author Copies are available only from the author. The author may or may not charge for the work.
Buy Copies are available to buy either from the Archives, the Author or a shop. Items that fall into this category are generally professionally produced.
Convention Copies of these are available to be run at conventions, and as such are not available yet to everyone.
Download The author has given permission to allow copies to be available for free download from the Download page
No I have been asked not to make copies available to the public by the author or the item is professionally produced so I am unable to make copies of the work, NO EXCEPTIONS!.
Yes I have been given permission by the author to make copies available for distribution.
??? I have not been able to contact the author. Items with this category will be considered to be unavailable until I contact the author. Any help in tracking these people down will be greatly appreciated:) I have also listed here the modules and freeforms that I don’t know who wrote. There is a brief description on each.
The Ariel Archives collection is broken up into two main parts. The first deals solely with items related to conventions in Australia. This part of the collection consist of copies of modules and freeforms that were played at conventions as well as convention entry forms and handbooks. The seconds deals with items not related to conventions. This part of the collection consists of modules and freeforms not played at conventions, club newsletters, items from companies and other odd bits and pieces.

Convention Items

Convention Collection Description
Convention Modules Modules that were run at various conventions held through out Australia.
Conventiom Freeforms Freeforms that were run at various conventions held through out Australia.
Convention Entry Forms and Handbooks Convntion Entry Forms and Handbooks form the various conventions held through out Australia.
Non-Convention Items
Non-Convention Collection Description
Modules Modules that were have been written by people like you.
Freeforms Freeforms that were have been written by people like you.
Professional Items Roleplaying items produced and distributed my companies.
Club Newsletters Newsletters etc from various Australian Roleplaying Clubs.
Miscellaneous Items Basically odd bits and pieces that don’t fit into the categories above.