Australian Made Roleplaying Items

The following is a list of all the Australian made roleplaying items that I have found. Some of these items are still available, some are almost next to impossible to come by. This section is my own personal quest and I am still after several items. The list of items I’m still after is listed on my Australian Roleplaying Items Wanted Page, if you have any of these please send me an email and tell me what you would like for them:) If you want some of these items then a few are still available for sale from various places, check out the Buy Page. If the item your are looking for is not there the send me an email as sometimes I have an extra copy or can get my hands on one.

Company Product
3 Guys Publishing Put out one RPG magazine.
Adventure Simulations Australian’s First Roleplaying game, a super heroes RPG. Also put out 6 magazines, Mutliverse.
Archive Gaming Produced a large book that contained the entire rules for a fantasy based system, also one module.
Australian Realms Took over from Planar Games in producing Australian Realms magazine. Also put out a fantasy supplement, comic annual and several miniatures.
Castle Enterprises Put out a generic roleplaying system.
Conflict Simulations of Australia Put out the mainly boardgames oriented “Breakout!”. Also put out the AD&D module “Bad Moon”.
Critical Mass Studios A new company that has so far put out a players guide for their “Soothsayer” system (released 20/11/97), has several items in the works.
CSQ Distributors Brisbane based company that produced a Hex Pad.
Dark RealmPublishing Put out three issue of a RPG magazine.
Creative Aspects Put out one issue of a RPG magazine.
Dark Star Gaming Put out a “generic” fantasy module, had another advertised but not released.
Gammazon Put out 6 issues of a RPG magazine, 7 was written but never printed
Grymalkin A small company in SA, put out 1 gothic/punk supplement.
Kim Books Produced “Pandora” a magazine for Boardgaming and Modeling.
Librarium Magnum Produced put out one issue of “Tome of the Ancient Magus” magazine.
Mimesis Publishing A “publishing group” has so far printed 1 mag?.. more planed.
Nightmare Collective Put out one RPG magazine.
Phenomenon Labs, Inc. Put out one RPG Newspaper.
Planar Games Put out the first 5 issues of Australian Realms magazine, also made some AD&D character sheets.
Ptolmaeus Publishing Put out one RPG magazine.
Rus Games Produced a roleplaying game “Rus” , 1 adventure and a character sheet booklet.
TAGG Put out several games and supplements.
Thoughts & Images Put out a game system “Albedo”, also a couple of modules. This has been recently reprinted in the states.
Tonio Loewald An individual that has written and published his own game system.
Australian Writers A list of Australians and what they have written for RPG’s