Australian Roleplaying Links
Links to various pages related to Aussie Roleplaying. ( Note: Some of these pages have frames and so are not text friendly;) Please email me if you find that a link listed here is dead, moved or if you would like to suggest a link to be added. The only criteria at this stage it that it be related in some way to Australia, Roleplaying and it contains some original work.

Australian RPG Game Companies
Auran Publish AD&D d20 modules. Most written by Ken Done, previous the modules were written for conventions.
Pisces all Media Publish GOLDEN HERO PULP d20, ETERNIUM MODERN AND FUTURISTIC d20, BRONZE FRPG d20, EMERALD HIGH SORCERY d20 and the dual system Golden d20 / T&T / d6 products in conjunction with licensed properties from Flying Buffalo, Inc. and other creators..
General Roleplaying Links
Brian Yap’s Page Brian has set up a page about roleplaying in general. Also has a copy of a convention modules that he wrote.
Bubbleuum Crisis RPG Super Site Sydbey Bubblegun Crisis Setting.
Cactus Colorado Deadlands site with adventures and other goodies, also has the begings of a role playing systemSwift Swords.
The City of Elindal The Web Page of Richard Canning & Sara Hanson- Richard has written LOTS of freeforms! Also has “The Diaries of Trask” about vampire freeforms written by Jim Vinton.
Darksbane campaign setting History, races, legends, Magic….
Domain of Darkness Wild West rpg.
Dreadnoughts Home Page Shaun Hately roleplaying pages. Writer of The Lexicon of Thieves Cant and The Guide to Herbs net books and the convention module “What’s the Reason?”, also unofficial pages for “Dragon Warriors”
Glenn Butchers Homepage Contains an small RPG archive on various subjects.
Places to go People to be A new Aussie Roleplaying zine. Deals solely with RPG’s. Great site;)
Official Site for The KwaiTana RPG KwaiTana Rpg…Anamie RPG
Revenants Home Page Has a Netbook about what Roleplaying is and isn’t (under construction).
The Roleplayer’s Guide reviews of gaming systems,sourcebooks, tips for the GM, a selection of missions for a number of different systems, general adventure ideas, and more.
Roleplaying Games – Theory and Practice Articles which analyse roleplaying and freeforms.
Secrets of the Kargatane Fucuses on TSR’s Ravenloft setting, includes “The Book of Souls” netbook.
Tabula Rasa David Carroll and Kyla Ward, web site. Varous RPG games they have written and articles etc
Tovanen’s World UP, but nothing on it.
Wochen Files Stewart Wochen’s RPG Resource and Dropship Centre. Free Files for Cyberpunk/ Shadowrun/ and Traveller-type RPG’s.
Live-Action Roleplaying Games
Camarilla Twilight Alliance The Camarilla is an international organization devoted to live-action roleplaying in White Wolf’s world of darkness- Brisbane Chapter
Clandestyne Live-action freeform roleplaying club situated in Sydney.
Grey Company Dark ages re-enactment society based in Perth W.A.
Mediaeval Arms and Armour If you ever you wanted to buy yourself a set of Plate Armour this is were you can get it from! A maker of mediaeval arms and armour based in W.A.
Society for Creative Anachronism (CSA) Dedicated to researching and recreating the Middle Ages in the present- based in SA- but has groups all around the country. Kingdoms have (mostly) there own web pages here as well. Good links!
Australian Play By Mail Companies
Mercury Games Play By Mail Spiral Arm and Troll Quest.
Australian ‘Its A Criminal’ Fan Site Australian Fan site for the play-by-email game Its Criminal run by KJC Games.
Australian Roleplaying Distributors
Military Simulations Games distrubutor “Jedko” mailorder/retail arm.
Napoleons Military Bookshops Books, Roleplaying products…etc….
Australian News Groups newsgroup Aussie Roleplaying newsgroup. newsgroup FAQ archive Aussie Roleplaying newsgroup FAQ. newsgroup Aussie Games newsgroup, games in general it usually does not have much on RPG’s.