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Adventure Simulations

Adventure Simulations produced the RPG Super Squadron (an Australian Superhero/SF RPG), module- The Tome & expansion- Super Science, all were written by Joe Italiano. Multiverse Magazine was a role Playing Magazine put out Adventure Simulations (with the last two being produced by Ghostwriter Publications, although I'm still not sure if the last issue actually came out). Multiverse was a roleplaying magazine that, as you may expect, mainly supported the Super Squadron RPG.

The follow was written by Joe Italiano:

Super Squadron is a Superhero RPG. It was published in 1984, being the first Australian RPG and the third Superhero RPG. The first two were, Superhero 2044 & Villains and Vigilante. I was an avid AD&D players but wanted an SH RPG to play. The other two were "not very good" so I wrote one. The following year, The Tome was published, a series of adventure modules in a loose campaign "educational" setting. In 1986 Super Science can out, which was an expansion to the rule system, allowing SF RPG. Although the game was well received both here and in the USA, sales mysteriously slowed in the USA for no reason. In late 1986 at Origin, I discovered that a rival company, trying to survive with a low grade SH RPG spread rumors that we were being sued for breach of copyright and would likewise be sued if they sold our products. By the time we had a chance to dispel these rumours, the loss of sales made continuing publication very risky. 1986 was the last year I ran the RPG Phantastacon. At this crossroads, I shelved RPG publication (intending to go back to it latter on), and open Alternate Worlds, a comic, game, card, media, specialty store.

I am still waiting to go back into RPG publication.

Super Squadron

Super SquadronBoxed set for the Super Squadron rules.
The TomeAdventures for Super Squadron.
Super ScienceExpansion for Super Squadron.

Multiverse Magazine

Multiverse Magazines- Issues
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