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Super Squadron

Super Squadron is printed in a smaller than average font size throughout, and comes in a boxed set that is made up of the following items:

Cover of Super Squadron Boxed setThe box;)
Cover of Super Squadron Rule BookMain rule book for Super Squadron. It contains rules on Character Generation, Powers, Characteristics Effects, Experience. Character Background, Artifacts, PC/NPC Interaction, Encounters, Combat, Creating the World, Romantic Involvement's and Existing in the World. This book has a high quality thick cardstock cover and high quality paper and is 56 pages long.
Cover of Super Squadron Adventure BookAdventure book that details ten scenarios as a progressive introduction to a Micro-campaign. Cover and inside made of high quality paper and is 24 pages long counting the cover as 1 and the back page as 24.
Cover of Super Squadron Character Model BookletFour pages of templates to allow you to draw superheroes easily.



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